Hello world. For the longest time, I contemplated writing as an expression of my ceaselessly floating thoughts but never acted on it. Always an eager explorer of the meaning and purpose of life, I was drawn towards discovering how to live better in union with universal forces. Coming from a family background of acute obesity, alcoholism, depression and countless scenarios of entrapment and self-sacrificial martyrdom, I was determined from a very young age onwards to do it differently. I realized through stubborn experimentation that the only way forward for me was not to try to convince people to change their habits or ways but for me to engender change within myself. To walk the talk so clearly that the truth will be illuminated in the simple yet profound action of me choosing to be myself unapologetically. And so this blog began when at 32 years going on 33, I could no longer bear the agony of keeping it in anymore. Here are a collection of random fleeting thoughts, discoveries and bubbles of inspiration that have brought me a whole slew of beautiful transformations. In ‘Conversations With God’, Neale Donald Walsh emphatically recounted the voice of God stating here is no coincidence, and nothing happens by “accident” as each event and adventure is called to your Self by your Self in order that you might create and experience Who You Really Are. It is with this conviction that I lay my heart’s work here as I know these messages are meant to be shared.


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