Coach Me

Hello and welcome!

My name is Serene Martin and I live in sunny Singapore. Apart from reading, travel, writing, yoga, chocolate, green smoothies and spending time with the people I love, I love coaching. I am currently enrolled with the ISCA – Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy programme. The Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy is recognized as an Approved Coach Training Provider as well as a Continuing Coach Education Provider. It is affiliated with a number of leading International Coaching Associations, the IAC, the IICT and the ICF.

I am very much drawn towards the often underestimated power of intuition and the power of the law of attraction. I am also a certified yoga teacher and have spent 9 years teaching youth in high schools and at college level. I have released 2 inspirational books of prose and poetry (The Butterfly That Returned and The Silent Compass) to date and have travelled extensively. My coaching aspires to draw the attention of individuals towards an authentic place of conscious knowing within the reach of everyone who has the courage to follow the call of their heart.

Passionate about self-development, I love working with clients from all walks of life, to help them make changes that elevate them towards the greatest versions of themselves and create a life they desire. I am currently offering a package of 3 complimentary coach sessions (45mins – 1 hour each via Skype audio) to individuals who are committed to make positive changes in their lives through the guidance of a transformational coach. Do note that my coaching will include a blend of metaphysical and practical strategies so you can decide if this style of coaching would best work for you before we embark on this incredible journey of self-realisation.

If you are tired of drifting …….

If you’re stuck in  a job you hate…….

If you would like to improve your health….

If you would like to enhance your self-confidence……

If you would like to think differently and try new ways of doing things….

If you are serious about making a breakthrough in any area of your life….

I would love to hear from you.







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