Hello world,

Teal Swan, with a beautiful truth. If you are feeling down, happy, embarrassed, angry, nostalgic, excited or anything in-between today, take heart and love yourself deeply no matter what you are feeling. It is just you, being you.



Oh, and this reminds me of where I was going with Innocence in The Silent Compass.


Innocence is my name
I don’t know how exactly it came
Without any ability to feel shame*
In any dispute I have no blame* 
The shadows of guilt that haunt others
Are from the bottom of my heart the least of my bothers
As for me what you see is what you get
This is true, especially on days you forget
It is so much easier being this way
Without the need for decorative lies to make me gay
I’m as happy as a child is free
And I cannot imagine any other way life can be
How hard it must be to wear those masks
What an arduous unnecessary uphill task
To hide your true self because of fear
When in fact no real danger is ever near
As long as you accept that people will judge you anyway
Especially when their approval is what you seek all day
Some say it’s childish for me to live like this
They say it’s better to live by societal lists
To doubt, to pretend, to act and to hide
But honestly, it is all just too much effort to be buried inside
Innocence is all that I can be

*These lines were written in a tongue-in-cheek manner so take it with a pinch of salt and sugar if you can.


Serene 🙂


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