Perfect Pain



How many times have we doubted the value of pursuing something because it seemed a tad too out of reach? Chitkala Mulye beautifully reflects on the journey worth taking.

“There is a huge mountain lush green,
Its peak breaking the clouds with sheen;
From far it appears a beautiful dream,
I walk nearer and the sheen begins to dim;
The rocks peep from the green bright,
It scares me with its height and might
Not looking at its peak with my downcast eyes,
Crossing the leg hurting pits,the spirit never dies;
I climb higher and realize one day,
And then I am very happy and gay;
Now the sky is bright blue above,
Conquering it I’m full with awe;
The sun basks me and I bathe in rain,
Not a miracle but a gift from perfect pain”

—-Chitkala Mulye

*Picture – Me freezing in beautiful Ladakh after trekking in the
Himalayas. The cold was temporary and the memory of
experiencing that journey, forever.




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