Up for a good read or good laugh



One of the most exciting parts of publishing your own book is being in the position to stubbornly insert a drawing you once randomly sketched behind a used receipt on the cover of your book in the secret hope that someone else will consider it as nearly artful as you do.

So, there! Readers now have one more reason to either have a good read or a good laugh.

About The Silent Compass

Have you ever been caught between two vibes? One that invites you to celebrate life and another that makes you retreat into your fears? The Silent Compass captures this elusive dance with our highest state of consciousness. Through a series of short messages and poems, this book explores the struggle of wandering souls who relentlessly seek a treasure. A treasure they had never lost. Drifting along, they try to piece the fragile puzzle together. But there is no missing piece. A child seeks her place in a wasted space. Others are caught up in the circuit of mass consciousness, desperate to fit into the societal molds that have been carved out for them. Sometimes, they get fleeting glimpses of a larger truth underlying all of existence. Consistently, a powerful force etched into their very beings from the time of their birth calls out longingly in the stillness of the night. Patiently, it knocks upon the doors of their hearts. It is a familiar voice.

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