The Journey


People with a huge zest for life who are filled with a hunger and passion to live their dreams and do what they love greatly inspire me. I never thought much of hula hoops. They were nothing but circles I tried to keep on my waist for as long as possible. That changed when I met this girl. Her name is Julia Frances. I met her whilst travelling in San Francisco. She’s been on a solo trip for months and seen some amazing sights. She’s gorgeous but not just a pretty face. What really took my breath away was watching her with the hoops. She told me she took them wherever she went. Watching someone who allows what means so much to them to shine so brightly was pure delight. It reminded me of what life could be when we are unafraid to journey within to explore our calling. Holidays are fantastic for sure. But don’t be fooled. It doesn’t matter how far you travel on the outside if you don’t have the courage to seek what matters to your soul on the inside. Focus on the journey that really matters and life will show you how magical it can be.

And thank you Julia Frances for moving me with your heart and hoops.

Watch Julia with her hoops at the Grand Canyon Helipad here. So surreal it feels like there is fairy dust sprinkled all over her. Enjoy!

You can also follow Julia on Instagram @hulajulia


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