A Hunch Is An Arrow In Disguise


A new edition of The Silent Compass is in the making. I only recently realised that I did draw a compass sometime back on a scrape of paper while waiting for my food to arrive at a cafe in Chiangmai, Thailand. Little did I realise back then that I would be writing about the essence of this drawing one day. Neither did I imagine it was going to be on the cover of my book. It is nothing fancy. But it is what happened. When I was drawing, I did not know what exactly was materialising until the drawing was complete. I started in In the middle, unsure about where the lines will lead or how exactly it will pan out. I only had a strong feeling that I had to be moving the pen. So I did. We often feel the same when we have a slight hunch about which course of action we should take in our lives. Our minds constantly second guesses the  basis of  our vibes. We end up walking in circles and taking some sharp turns as we move along. At times, we even feel trapped in  corners we cannot escape from. That is often the case when we allow or minds to mess with the direction our spirit is moving us towards. The more we trust our intuition, the clearer it becomes.

A hunch is an arrow in disguise, pointing you exactly towards the invisible path that you must take. It is invisible because the path cannot be seen. It can only be felt by you.

You walk

Feet treading on the invisible path

The bridge awaits

You march ahead

Maps handed to you are long abandoned

Confusion sits, watching you at bay

The silent compass paves the way

                                                                             ——— The Silent Compass——–

P/S – The Silent Compass will be released on Amazon in the upcoming weeks. I will be giving away some advance copies for reviews before I put it up for sale. For details, drop me a line 🙂


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