Ode To My Ukulele


I have been pretty absorbed into writing and publishing these days that it’s been some time since I have picked up my ukulele. It has travelled with me and my backpack through Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan so far.

I bought it while at Bangkok when I chanced upon the most adorable ukulele shop and got reminded of my longing of wanting to learn to play a musical instrument. My husband was busy taking an overseas call at the time so I took the opportunity of quickly getting this before he had the chance to talk me out of it (we have had some serious discussions about travelling light). I told him later that it was a belated birthday gift to myself to rationalise my purchase. I used to sing in a band a long time ago and one of the things that really got to me was wanting to sing certain songs which my bandmates did not really enjoy playing.

When I finally got my hands on this baby, I learned to play to Ode To My Family – one of my favourite Cranberries song. Not a very happy song but the lyrics and rhythm hooked me. This was so much so that I stubbornly insisted on singing it at a wedding of my cousin years back. To moderate the mood of the event, I sang Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer soon after.

We just got back to the hotel from Starbucks where I was busy writing and I randomly came across this video clip of me playing Ode To My Family whilst browsing through Youtube. It’s funny how my eyes were glued on the strings the entire song. It’s 12.55 am here at Taipei now and I’m just about to head out to the park for a run where I will be fantasizing about being a better ukulele player.



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