One OF The Saddest Things That Can Happen To A Girl In Thailand

I have always been told that I look pretty international. In India, I was recognised as Indian. In Singapore, I was often mistaken to be Malay or Eurasian. Once, someone in a bar thought I was Burmese. During our stay in Cambodia, the locals thought I was one of them too and some asked if I was American, African or Filipino. And in Thailand, people often spoke to me in straight-up Thai. All was fine and dandy. Until one day in Chiang Mai. We were just about to leave a restaurant and my husband was settling the bill. I walked towards the exit of the restaurant and a waiter walked up to me and spoke to me in Thai. I did not understand a word. So I told him politely that I did not speak Thai and was not Thai. Then, I asked him with a smile in all friendliness, “Sir, do I look Thai?” He proceeded to speak to me in good English. He said “I am so sorry miss. May, I tell you something?” I asked him to go ahead. He then said ….”Miss, I thought you were a Lady Boy.” The fact that he apologised before his sharing made it all very sincere and earnest. I swear my face twitched for a few seconds. Do I say thank-you very much? What was the proper reaction? I stood there and my face continued twitching uncontrollably, horrified beyond my wits end. There was nothing wrong being a ladyboy. But here I am being told I resembled one when that was beyond the objective of my wildest dreams.

For the next few hours, I went through a panic attack of sorts. Would wearing more make-up or less make me look less of a Lady Boy (which I am 100% not, for those of you who are still wondering) Should I ditch wearing coloured contact lenses or keep them on? What the heck does a girl do when faced with such a catastrophe? My husband just found it all very funny of course.

P/S – I still wear make-up and coloured contacts whenever I want. Whether I look like a Lady Boy or not. Life goes on.



5 thoughts on “One OF The Saddest Things That Can Happen To A Girl In Thailand

  1. Just have to remember that ladyboys do look the closest to real women of all the races of transsexuals. So there’s absolutely no need to panic or whatever, you’re all just as beautiful as the other, you’re just missing something extra. 🙂


  2. What a sweet and honest share! I have a long list of brutally honest remarks, mostly from young kids. “Why is your nose so long? Do all people in your country have long noses?”
    Yes, definitely do whatever makes you happy, make up or not, you are beautiful no matter what.
    I bless the time in every woman’s life when we start loving ourselves just as we are. 😉


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