Into The Blue


After having lived 32 good years in Singapore, I was presented with the opportunity to leave the sunny island upon my marriage to a wacky Finnish-Chinese guy who convinced me to jump out of my comfort zone and travel the world with him in search for adventure. He had been doing this all his life, crossing over from China to Finland at the tender age of 17. As for me, I have pretty much slogged most of my life in the system – studying hard, working hard and hoping to make it with all the safety nets in place. But, what the heck, at 32 turning 33, I was ready to take the plunge. He had contacts everywhere in the world and job opportunities awaiting. And I had my coloured contact lenses and enough savings to last about a year if I bought less make-up and made fewer visits to the salon and reused my clothes till they tattered a bit. I imagined that I was in a movie, kissed my dearest family goodbye for now and convinced everyone I knew what I was doing.


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