A – Z Lovestory


I fell in love with a boy in the middle of 2011 who appeared in front of me on a dance floor when I was moving to the rhythm of my soul in my most carefree of days. It’s amazing how the best things in life come knocking when we are no longer weary of it’s absence. He swept me off my feet with his impish grin  and consistent attempts to share his world with me. I found myself in Finland and China – his ‘fatherland’ and ‘motherland’ in the first year of our relationship. Countries I never imagined visiting on my own. In the midst of our travel adventures in China, I wrote this whilst rolling in bed with him fast asleep beside me, reminiscing about the sweet nothings that made the best of our love.

A hike up the gorge

Big Buddha

Chilli and Spice

Dog called Lily

Everything’s nice

From Dali to Lijiang to Sichuan

Growing understanding from

Hiding under trees

I’m by your side my blackbird

Just the two of us

Knowing what’s most important

Living, laughing, loving

Moving our own way

Niven, Bukit Batok or Far Away

Only hope

Precious hope

Quietly stirring in our hearts

Resting on our pillows deep

Sometimes blowing with the wind

To see the change that’s gonna come

Understand darling

Wonderful things await us

Xoxoxoxo I Love You blackbird in so many ways

Z to A and A to Z, come what may…



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